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Shenzhen Zotek Instruments CO., LTD. is a high-tech company specializing in R&D and electrical equipment manufacturer. The company is founded in 2015 by a technical expert who has more than 30 years of experience in the measuring instrument industry of China. He introduced technology from Japan and developed the first digital multimeter, 830, into Chinese market and has developed a series of successful products in the past few decades.zotek-digital-multimeter-zt98-auto-ranging


Cluster Panel Issues in Automobiles

The number of vehicles use electronic instrument panels that gives the driver access to variety of information in the vehicle like fuel level, acceleration velocity, and other gauges and warning lights.

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Characteristics of Test

By definition, Test is a procedure performed to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use. In troubleshooting terms, Test is the part where we check the functioning of any equipment related to technology.

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Protect Your Digital Devices

Digital Devices

As we read earlier this week, the chances that one or more of your digital devices may get stolen are uncomfortably high. So what would happen if your mobile device falls into the wrong hands? Here are a few tips that will help minimize the damage if it happens to you. Read Full Article….

The zotektools provides digital measuring instruments which can also help in protect your electrical device.

Infrared Thermometer Gun

The GM320 and GM550 are non-contact thermometers using infrared rays, accurately pinpointing the spot with a two-beam laser marker. The infrared thermometer guns identify the surface temperature of an object by measuring the energy level of the infrared rays emitted from the object without physically coming in contact with it.

GM550 Infrared ThermometerGM320 Infrared Thermometer


• Pistol design with easy-to-see display and fit in your hand.

• A easy to understand full menu of basic measuring functions.

• Test Easily in any location, moving objects.

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Multi meter Multiutility Tool

Digital multimeter is a test and measurement device or equipment which troubleshoots electronic circuit. It is also called voltmeter or Volt OHM meter. It performs measurement of voltage, ampere and homs. These can also perform many more additional measurements with digital technology. It includes temperature, frequency, continuity, capacitance and other electrical measurements. The digital multimeter are more accurate as comapred to analog multimeter. They are faster and also time savers. Read More….

zt102 multimeter3

Using a Logic Analyzer to Generate Screenshots from a Game Boy — Hackaday

Wouldn’t you like to go back to a dead handheld and extract the proof of your 90s-era high scores? Of course you would. [svendahlstrand] bought his first logic analyzer, a Logic 8 from Saleae and decided to play around with an old Game Boy. He opened up the handheld with a tri-point screwdriver and hooked…

via Using a Logic Analyzer to Generate Screenshots from a Game Boy — Hackaday

You can also see the list of electrical measuring instruments manufactured by Zotektools for testing and measuring electronic circuit board voltage.

Electrical Safety Tools


The dangers of electrical overloads and work, hard to create testing equipment that prevents these in the manufacturing environment, but what about in the most important place of all – your home? How electrical circuits work, how to figure out which outlets are on which circuit, and how to avoid overloading them. There are tools available which DIYers can easily understand. Read More…….